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Alexandru Mironescu - spiritually advanced chemist (original diary)


Scientist, professor, philosopher, writer, publicist, Alexandru Mironescu is one of the founding figures of the movement Burning Bush of Antim Monastery, which started in the 40s. Unknown until today, when it is about to be published by Eikon Publishing House, in the Collection "Archive of the Burning Bush", the "Journal" of Alexandru Mironescu - from which we reveal now some fragments - contains a wide range of scientific, cultural, theological and spiritual pursuits. His scientific curiosities are countless and beyond the author`s specialization in physics and chemistry or the theme of the doctorate in chemistry at the Sorbonne held in his early youth: medicine, genetics, astronomy, quantum physics, history, political science, anthropology, religion etc. Notations in the "Journal" of Al. Mironescu are the interface between science, philosophy, art, literature - all imbued with the Christian vision and the spirit of hesychastic prayer.

Keywords: culture, science, orthodoxy, hesychasm, Burning Bush