TABOR - Tradition and Contemporaneity in the Romanian Orthodox Church
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The Anthropocene and the Hidden Third


The big spiritual poverty present on our Earth points to the obvious need for a new vision of Reality, conciliating technoscience and wisdom. The dialogue between science and religion has a crucial role in its birth. Technoscience, associated with fabulous economic power, drives a hugely irrational force of efficiency for efficiency`s sake. We need a conversion of technoscience towards values. This conversion is possible through the dialogue of technoscience with religions and cultures, which is methodologically possible through transdisciplinarity, with its key-notions of levels of Reality and Hidden Third. We can, in such a way, to avoid the dead end of homo religiosus vs. homo economicus debate. The consequences on ethics of such a dialogue are crucial in the context of Anthropocene, of the existence of the danger, for the first time of history, of the annihilation of the entire human species. It is not the technology which will save our species but a radical change of our vision of Reality. The treasure of spirituality of the orthodox apophatic thinking, intimately related with the Hidden Third, might be essential in facing the challenges of the Anthropocene.


KEYWORDS: Anthropocene, orthodox apophatic thinking, technoscience, levels of Reality, Hidden Third, transdisciplinarity