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Nostalgias of Cristian Muntean. (Notes of the volume Nostalgia, Ed Pastel, Braşov, 2013)

Professor Ovidiu Moceanu observed the benefit of those who write poetry, through their ability to publish retrospective selections, and then he analyzed the evolving work of Cristian Muntean: his first volume of poems has proved a touchstone, the second volume outlined already a poetic mythology, while with the volume Citadel of my soul, the author has achieved a high sophistication and complexity of poetic reasons. Cristian Muntean`s Nostalgias are actually states of poetic consciousness directed towards the primary meanings. Simplicity is only apparent and hides special inflections, a liturgical structure that celebrates the joy of existence. The descent of Cristian Muntean`s creations, according to Ovidiu Moceanu, is to be found in Blaga and Sorescu.
Keywords: Cristian Muntean, poetry, mystery, solitude, prayer