TABOR - Tradition and Contemporaneity in the Romanian Orthodox Church
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The triad of the Righteous Enoch, the Holy Prophet Elijah and St. John the Theologian, in Elijah`s Cycle from the Church of Ieud-Deal 

Anastasie Crimca founded a real school of miniatures in Dragomirna. In the nine manuscripts we know, miniaturized between 1609-1616, have revealed eleven miniatures of this triad: Enoch, Elijah, John. "The eschatological Trinity" of Moldavia`s Metropolitan is very original and doesn`t seems to have a continuation. However, there is another place where this ensemble is painted: in Maramures, the wooden church of Ieud Deal. Dedicated to the Birth of the Theotokos, it is one of the eight churches of Maramures included by UNESCO in 1999 in the list of world cultural heritage monuments. Construction of this church seems to date between 1610 and 1621. Painting the church was accomplished by Alexandru Ponehalschi, one of the most important painters in Maramures, in the eighteenth century, who painte icons as well as murals. His work was carried out between 1751-1782, on the valleys of Mara, Viseu, Iza, Cosău, and in the region of Năsăud. It seems that Alexandru Ponehalschi had connections with Moldavia and that Elijah Cycle from Neamt, Crimca`s miniatures and the churches of Dragomirna have inspired him to decorate the church of Ieud Deal. Elijah`s Cycle Monastery from Neamt Monastery became an eschatological cycle in the narthex of Ieud Deal. The triad of Enoch, Elijah and John the Evangelist is not specific only to the miniatures of Metropolitan Crimca as long as it is also found in the church of Ieud Deal, in an eschatological context.
Keywords: Metropolitan Crimca, Enoch, Elijah, John the Evangelist, pictural ensemble, Alexandru Ponehalschi, church of Ieud Deal