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Alexandru Mironescu: the writer

As noted by literary critique, Alexandru Mironescu was a complete writer who wrote in all major genres: novels, poems, poetry, theater, literary reviews, publishing (over 20 years). In this article, the author presents the latest literary books of Al . Mironescu written after being released from prison and printed after 1989, namely: Evenings of loneliness; Valley of Jehoshaphat  and Fire Flower. They marked in his work something he wanted to do long ago, giving up the Romanian tradition, that is achieving a literature without narrative histories, without a thrilling plot that moves the characters and invent exciting adventures for them, without linear consistency in action and without the concern to simulate the impression that he reproduces the strict reality or the sensational. This intention is no stranger to his spiritual experience, gained through diligent readings from Christian Church Fathers and through discussions held for years in the Cenacle "Burning Bush" at the "Antim" Monastery. Keywords: Alexandru Mironescu, writings, novels, evil, family, justice, Burning Bush