TABOR - Tradition and Contemporaneity in the Romanian Orthodox Church
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The Spiritual Dimension Of Patriotism in a Cosmopolitan World


Patriotism represents the love and responsibility of an individual towards his origins. The nations are not produced by hazard or chance, they represent God`s will and their existence proves His blessing. These two notions, individual and nation, are organically connected to God. So, the nations are not what they want to be, but what God has arranged, each having a history of their own. In this way, the individual is called to a certain identity and also has the holy duty to fight for it and to support the national values. By protecting the nation, one can understand devotion, respect and love shown by the individual to God`s will. So, this existential "given" represents the ultimate argument used in order to fight all the contemporary ideologies, whose intentions are to destroy the idea of person, nation, God. The current cosmopolitan world produces surrogate values, which lack any elementary logic, offering the individual redemption.

KEY WORDS: theology, responsibility, sacrifice, morality, heroism, nation.