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Christology and soteriology in the prefigurating act of the sacrifice of the paschal lamb


The article presents the context in which the sacrifice of the paschal lamb was instituted as well as its implications for the hebrew people. The speech then leads towards the typological meanings of this sacrifice. It is a prefiguration of the sacrifice of Jesus Christ our Savior, which St. John the Evangelist designates as the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world (1, 29). Hebrew Passover lamb was sacrificed on the evening of Nissan 14th and it was exactly on such a day that our Savior was going to offer Himself as a sacrifice. Christ is our paschal lamb whose sacrifice is updated in each divine liturgy. The lamb`s motif is very often present in the Holy Scriptures. Correlation between Christ, the Almighty God, and a frail and helpless lamb may seem contradictory, but the message of Revelation overlaps the images of the lamb and the lion, symbol of power. The lion of Judah (Gen. 49, 9) is actually the lamb, the only one who has the power to open the book of life (Rev. 5, 9 ). The paschal lamb is Jesus Christ, our God.

Keywords: sacrifice, prefigurating the Passover lamb, Passover