TABOR - Tradition and Contemporaneity in the Romanian Orthodox Church
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The Holy Mystery of Confession - inner forum of judgement


The Ortodox Church in general and the Roumanian Ortodox Church in particular paid special attention to this Holy Mystery from the very beginning. Eststablished by Our Saviour Jesus Christ and delivered to the Church, the Holy Mystery of Confession was taken into account with full responsability by the Holy Apostles. Thus, rules or canons have been established concerning both the confessor and the penitent. Special attention was given to the confessor regarding both his activity before receiving this spiritual power and his activity afterwards. The cannons also took into accont the manner this Sacred Mystery should be administered and especially who had the right to perform it, as well as the manner the civil authority would recognize the right of the confessor to perform the Sacred Mystery. The canonic regulations for the penitents were also established as general rules valid within the whole Church.


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