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The comfort of the mournful. The consolation letters of St. Basil the Great


The subject of the article is a group of seven consolation letters written by St. Basil the Great to several persons in mourn who had recently lost a loved one (child, companion). Based on these letters, but also using other similar items from the rest of the saint`s work - funeral speeches, sermons, writings etc. - the author schematically and structurally presents various consolation arguments used by St. Basil the Great, taken from both ancient greek literature and especially from the Holy Scriptures and other sources of christian faith. Thus, a true art of consolation and comfort to the mournful takes schape, art characterized by a deep understanding of the human soul in pain, a great spiritual discernment and, most of all, a great love and gentleness of the soul.

Keywords: St. Basil the Great, death, mourning, funeral speeches, comfort