TABOR - Tradition and Contemporaneity in the Romanian Orthodox Church
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The Issue of Homosexuality and the Mission of the Church in the World


In these days, when aspects of human irrationality, such as senses, instincts, and the affects powered by extreme pleasure and lack of control are set free, we witness a shift of values between what used to be considered a sin against personal and social life and what is now supported and even imposed as normality. This is also the case of homosexuality - considered by the Church a "shameful intemperance" and punished by laic laws as antisocial offence -, which is more and more taken out from the incidence of the penal code in almost all the countries that are considered civilized. In this historical, cultural, social, and political context, we can explain the reemergence of homosexuality, along with the growing biologic-driven and instinctual neo-paganism. Homosexuality is indeed a shameful intemperance, but those who employ it can be spiritually retrieved as sons of the Church.

Keywords: homosexuality, intemperance, divorce, lechery, virginity